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What We Study

Our research focuses on the origins of speech sound perception and production in children. Our studies involve English-speaking adults, typically developing children, and children with speech sound disorders. Since our research explores fundamental questions about the development of communication and language, we rely on several different kinds of research designs and procedures, ranging from electrophysiological (i.e., brain wave) studies to traditional speech intervention. Your child’s participation requirements could range from a one-time two-hour brain wave visit, to a multi-month speech treatment study.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech development, we have certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) on staff that conduct comprehensive speech and language evaluations free of charge. If we find that your child is a good fit for one of our free ongoing speech treatment research programs, you child will be invited to participate.

How to Participate

How to Register Online


If you have looked through our website and would like to participate in our research, please fill out our registration form to indicate your interest. By filling out the registration form, you have expressed your interest but have not made any commitment to participation. As your child approaches the right age for one of our studies, we will call you and give you more information about that study. At that time, you may decide whether or not you’d like to participate in that particular study. Please feel free to contact Dr. Cummings via e-mail ( or phone at 208.373.1772 for any questions about our program.


We keep your name and address on file ONLY if you have indicated further interest in participating in our research. All information about families who have chosen to participate is kept secure and not shared with anyone else. All participants in our studies are identified by number rather than by name in all research records, and all records and data are treated as confidential.


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